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A Professional Strength Multi-Surface Cleaning Solution

ZaPro Sanitizing spray hero

Powerful and Effective

ZaPro Surface Cleaner is a new approach to professional and medical surface decontamination. Zapro removes built-up grime and cleans high-contact surfaces with its powerful alcohol solution. ZaPro is soap and detergent-free, and evaporates upon application leaving virtually no residue behind.

ZaPro is Highly Rated by Clinicians Report

Clinicians Report published ZaPro Surface Cleaner as Highly Rated by evaluators in CR clinical trials. In Fact 70% of the CR Evaluators rated ZaPro Excellent or good. TRAC’s stringent, clinically relevant testing confirmed quick and thorough reduction of hard to kill viruses and bacteria.

CR states a key advantage of ZaPro is that testing confirms a 1-minute broad-spectrum kill of viruses and bacteria in the presence of fresh whole human blood. Making ZaPro one of the most effective surface cleaners for the use in dental and medical operatories.

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ZaPro is very easy to use. Simply fill the spray bottle with the amount of ZaPro that will be used each day; and refill daily to avoid any evaporation of the active ingredients. Spray. Wait just 1-minute. Wipe clean. 


  • Professional strength cleaning solution
  • Minimal residue
  • Cuts through grime
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • 94% alcohol solution
  • Suitable for most washable surfaces

The Power of Clean

ZaPro Multi-Surface Cleaning Solution is a powerful professional strength surface cleaner designed for maximum decontamination. With a concentrated solution of ethanol, ZaPro surface cleaner uses no rough soaps or detergents making it virtually residue-free. Suitable for most washable hard surfaces and a variety of professional environments, it requires no dilution and comes in a ready-to-use spray bottle.

*ZaPro cleaner is not for application or use on the human body. Repeated use on wood surfaces, granite counters, or oiled surfaces may remove some of the oils. After using ZaPro cleaner, periodic re-application of a suitable oil restorative product is recommended.