About Us

AMD LASERS is the world’s leading dental laser company and dental technology innovator. For over a decade AMD has been providing ultra-affordable laser technology for dental professionals prepared to take their practice to the next level. Our goal is to ensure that every dental professional and practice has access to advanced medical & dental technology, as well as educational resources in order to elevate the standard of patient care.

AMD's award-winning diode lasers are considered to be the international gold-standard for quality, performance, and affordability. The integration of the Picasso Collection of soft-tissue diode lasers into the dental industry in 2009 has enabled dental practitioners to provide state-of-the-art treatment for soft-tissue surgery, periodontal treatments, endodontic procedures, and laser teeth whitening.

Your choice. Your laser.

The award-winning Picasso Laser technology offers unprecedented versatility performing a wide variety of soft-tissue and periodontal procedures at an ultra-affordable price point.


"Picasso is at a price point that makes soft-tissue laser dentistry available to all restorative dentists"

– Robert Lowe, D.D.S. International Lecturer, Charlotte, NC

"It will make your dentistry more predictable. The Picasso laser is simple, convenient and easy to use."

– Paresh Shah, D.M.D. International Lecturer, Winnipeg, Canada

"Picasso is compact, ergonomic, convenient to use, has tons of power and is surprisingly affordable."

– Jim Dunn, D.D.S. Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA

"Finally, laser dentistry at an affordable cost! The revolutionary Picasso soft-tissue laser is very easy to incorporate into every practice, easy to use, and extends the practice's range of services."

– George Freedman, D.D.S. International Lecturer, Author, Toronto, Canada