Dental Diode Laser Frenectomy

Dr. Hornbrook performs a Frenectomy using AMD LASERS

Frenectomy on a 4 year old

Frenectomy on a baby


Gingivectomy around brackets

Gingival Recontouring for Esthetics with Picasso Lite



Laser tissue around Abutment to seat crown

Laser use in immediate implant placement with provisional

Opening tissue for implant placement

Opening tissue for small diameter implant

Implant Recovery

Dr. James Jesse - implant recovery with Picasso diode laser

LBR aka LLLT aka Laser Decontamination

LD aka LAPT aka Laser Curettage

Herpetic Lesion Treatment

Venous Lake

Fibroma Removal procedure with Picasso Dental Laser by Dr. Sonkin