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John Graeber, DMD, MAGD, MALD, FICD

Presenting: Diode Lasers In Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery is tedious, painful and all too often leads to premature loss of teeth. Today’s Diode Lasers are capable of replacing older traditional scalpel methods. Diode Lasers are far more likely to significantly reduce the bacterial causes of chronic periodontitis. Case studies of actual patients will be presented to show the advantages of using diode lasers in place of time–honored techniques.

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Joshua Austin, MAGD, FACD

Presenting: What’s New? Materials & Tech That Expedite Excellence

In today’s ever-changing world of dental technology, how do we know what will actually improve our efficiency and clinical outcomes? This course will examine just that, focusing on bonding, adhesives, and curing. Review the fundamentals of bonding and light curing.

• Examine the latest in curing light technology.
• Discuss how bulk fill composite can increase our efficiency.

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James Braun  Photo - Square.jpg__PID:f01b9e47-c1a2-4ddb-96b4-fb645261a888

James M. Braun, DDS, MS

Presenting: Soft Tissue Diode Laser: An Essential for the Restorative Dentist

• Understand the foundation of diode laser function.
• Determine when a diode laser is advantageous for clinical cases.
• Compare diode lasers to electrosurgery for soft tissue removal.
• Appreciate the ease, simplicity, and safety of diode laser use.

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Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA

Presenting: Effective & Efficient Bonding of Clear Aligner Attachments Training

Clear aligners provide a more esthetic and functional option for patients of all ages without brackets, wires, or bands. To achieve the desired results, doctors use attachments as a standard feature in Invisalign cases. Learn practical and efficient bonding techniques from the experts so that your patients get the best Invisalign treatment possible!

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