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Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA

Effective & Efficient Bonding of Clear Aligner Attachments Training

June 28th

6:00PM  (MST)

What You Will Learn:

Clear aligners provide a more esthetic and functional option for patients of all ages without brackets, wires, or bands. To achieve the desired results, doctors use attachments as a standard feature in Invisalign cases. Learn practical and efficient bonding techniques from the experts so that your patients get the best Invisalign treatment possible!

  • How to orchestrate the delivery of attachment appointment
  • Aligner template: load, seat, cure, and clean for efficiency the crucial role the template plays in patient success.
  • Understand isolation & direct bonding techniques to keep attachments from failing
  • Total etch vs self-etching techniques to acquire the highest bond strengths
  • Differentiate attachment material and utilization for each: packable, flowable, injectable
  • Trouble Shooting Techniques for attachment placement, replacement trattachments: replace, rebond, and removal
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Elaine Rodriguez, RDH

Presenting: Power Hygiene Unlimited There's Power in Laser And Power in You!

As dental medicine continues to evolve, laser technology is becoming more popular and widely accepted, creating a higher market value and competitive advantage to the certified hygienist. In this power- packed hour, we will visit the top laser hygiene therapeutic procedures every laser hygienist (or aspiring!) should be proficient in, as well as introduce the concept of the 2021 Prevention Specialist: The Hygiene-Intrapreneur!

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Joy Raskie, RDH

Presenting: Utilizing a Laser in Dental Hygiene Practice

Course Objectives:Explanation of the inflammatory process, risk factors and lasers roleOverview of the soft-tissue procedures the dental hygienist can performOverview of PBM and how lasers can reduce pain, inflammation and accelerate healingReview of laser safety

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Dr. Robert Levine

Presenting: Laser Technology and Science with Picasso Diode Lasers

This program will introduce the variety of Laser products available through AMD, give ingo on basic Laser Science, Covid Safety, and clinical surgical applications. Strong Focus will be given on the latest product the Picasso Clario Hygiene Laser. Dr. Levine is President of Global Laser Oral Health, LLC, and Levine Consulting. He is also president and founder of GLOHCE.

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