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Become an AMD Lasers Brand Ambassador

Help transform the dental industry with advanced technology for better patient treatments and faster healing. We believe that implementing lasers into your practice will allow you to offer more treatment option and do it better and more efficiently than before. The translation is less chair-time, less anesthetic, and less healing time, which will influence more retention and increase revenue.

We also believe that teeth whitening should be handled by someone you trust in the dental industry. Over-the-counter and flash-in-the-pan solutions have transformed teeth whitening into an industry that is difficult for patients to navigate. Now if whitening is done in the setting of a dental office, the patient will be confident in the product. In the past, that meant custom trays, messy gels, and patients taking up hours of chair time. With Sheer White, dental professionals can take whitening back, and offer an inexpensive and simple solution with a clinical strength formula only available through the dental office.


If you share our passion to improve patient experience, we want to work with you. We celebrate your voice as we work towards the advancement of technology in the dental industry and we want you to make money from your hard work and influence. 

The program is simple, follow the link to sign up, once approved we'll create a promotional landing page and unique URL for you. 


Our Picasso Influencers will be able to offer followers a special 50% off offer - That's better or equal to our normal promotional prices. And in the end, you earn 10% on any Laser purchase through your landing page.

*For some of out top brand ambassadors we can even offer a customized message on your page so your network knows this offer has your endorsement.


If you do not already have a Picasso Laser we have some terms to follow, but we can make arrangements to get one in your hands. If you'd like to sample Sheer White! or would like some product for your content we can make that arrangement as well. Just click on the link below, fill out our ambassador application and we will contact you to work out the details of the program.