Monet Curing Laser Light

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Monet Laser Curing Light

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Here's your chance to check out one of CR's Products of the year! The Monet laser is consistent and doesn't lose power output from different distances, so you can be confident that you'll get a complete cure every time. And because of its collimated beam, that same power can penetrate deep into composite avoiding the potential of soggy bottoms.

It's not just another curing light, It's a curing Laser!

One of The Standout New Concepts and Products for 2022 Reviewed by CR

Monet, the first blue laser diode resin curing light has impressive features, including high intensity, collimated beam, 13.2 mm wide lens, and 90° head angle for easy access to all tooth surfaces. Lasers have the potential for unique advances in dental materials such as reversible cements and endodontic applications. Keep an eye on this developing technology.