Welcome to The AMD Lasers Diode Laser Soft-Tissue Surgery Virtual Instruction Guide

To help new Picasso Laser practitioners and advance laser dentistry education, AMD partnered with experienced dental professional, Dr. Phil Hudson, to create this compendium of nearly every soft-tissue surgical and non-surgical procedure AMD’s Picasso Lasers are FDA approved for. Whether new to laser-assisted dentistry or a laser-expert, this comprehensive, step-by-step guide to over 100 soft-tissue laser procedures offers every laser practitioner useful tips, tools, and expertise for nearly every clinical challenge they may encounter in their dental career. Explore the main concepts and core principles of laser dentistry, receive detailed protocols for specific procedures, and receive answers to every burning question about your new Picasso laser’s extensive capacities and best practices for each.

In addition to detailed instructions and visual guides to surgical and non-surgical soft-tissue procedures and applications, Dr. Phil Hudson used his decades of experience in laser dentistry to provide instruction on:

  • How to use your diode laser
  • How to treatment plan soft-tissue procedures
  • How to conduct patient presentations in ways that will result in case acceptance
  • How to perform 121 different procedures
  • How to accurately record procedures
  • How to follow-up and perform post-surgical assessments
  • How to manage post-surgical complications

About The Instructor

Dr. Philip M. Hudson

Course Instructor

Dr. Philip M. Hudson, D.D.S. graduated from The University of Southern California of Dentistry. He has a family practice in Spokane, Washington, and is an instructor for Advanced Laser Training, Center for Exceptional Dentistry, and Masters of Laser Dentistry Series (AMD LASERS). Dr. Hudson has lectured nationally and internationally on a variety of laser usages in dentistry. He has taught and developed multiple protocols for the use of lasers in soft tissue surgery, osseous surgery, cavity preparation, and periodontal therapy used by dentists worldwide. Dr. Hudson has received the Leadership Award from the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Dentistry, where he is a Founding Member, Life Member, Fellow, and Diplomat.


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Procedures 101-121