Enjoy the newest and best AMD Lasers has to offer in innovative dental technology and get rid of your old diode laser at the same time with our Trade-In Trade-Up program! Picasso Laser owners can now trade-in their old AMD dental laser and received a 50% off discount for any new Picasso laser. Choose between the award-winning Picasso Diode Laser Collection: the Picasso Lite+, Picasso+, or Picasso Clario, and get your newest soft-tissue laser at the most affordable price point on the market.

Trade-In & Trade-Up

Get 50% OFF any Picasso laser with trade-in


It's simple! Follow the instructions below to receive 50% of your new AMD Laser:

  • Fill out the form below
  • Please Indicate what laser/electrosurge you want to trade in, 
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Trade-In & Trade-Up program.
  • Indicate what laser/electrosurge you want to trade in
  • You must choose your laser from the confirmation or email link for the discount code to work.
  • Use Coupon Code at checkout
  • Select the laser unit you would like.
  • From there you have 15 business days to return the trade-in unit.

*NOTE: The cost includes a $50 shipping and handling fee of the trade-in unit and the new Picasso Laser. If AMD Lasers does not receive notification that your trade-in unit has shipped within the 15-day time period that is given once you receive your shipping label, you will no longer be qualified for the discount and will be charged the remaining 50% of the laser's price.