The Monet Laser Curing Light by AMD Lasers is the first composite curing light using laser diode technology, which solves the challenge of beam collimation in curing light technology.

Even the best curing lights on the market typically lose over half of their effective light energy received by the composite when separated by as little as 8-10 mm from the surface of the composite, while the Monet Laser Curing Light would have no significant drop in energy from any clinically significant distance.

In clinical situations where it is difficult to have the ideal placement of the curing light, the loss of that much energy means that the composite must be cured for twice the typical time or longer to reach the required energy suggested by the composite manufacturer.

Ditch the 20-second cure and embrace speed and quality with Monet—the world's first handheld laser curing light—a revolutionary approach to composite curing.

Clinical Benefits:

  • Superior Bond Strength: Consistent power and collimated beam ensure deeper, more reliable cures.
  • Faster Curing: 1-second clicks for depths of up to 2.5mm per click.
  • Reduced Chair Time: Significantly decreased curing time compared to traditional LEDs.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Minimize discomfort with faster procedures.

Real-World Efficiency:

A dentist using Monet for a year (533 composite procedures) saved over 14 hours of chair time compared to a 20-second LED cure. The time saved translates to a potential revenue increase of $7,000 (based on a $500/hour restorative rate).

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