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This is a call to all you tech-savvy dentists out there!

Truthfully, this is a call to the rest of you as well. Acuity Direct X-Ray Photon Detection sensors function in your practice just like the CMOS sensors you are using now, but with Acuity, you’ll get high-resolution images, durability, and affordability. Next time you replace a sensor, Acuity should be first on your list, in fact right now, trade in any underperforming sensor and receive $1000 off this imaging breakthrough with our Trade-In & Trade-Up Program!

Picture this: Effortless diagnoses thanks to unparalleled image quality.

No more squinting at blurry details or wasting precious time with complex image adjustments. Acuity's groundbreaking Direct X-ray Photon Detection (DXPD) technology delivers razor-sharp images with just a few clicks. It's like upgrading from a flip phone to a high-definition smartphone!

Acuity offers more than just stunning visuals.

This ultra-thin sensor is engineered for maximum patient comfort. Plus, its cutting-edge technology comes at an unexpectedly affordable price. It's a win-win situation for both you and your patients.

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Here's why Acuity is the ultimate X-ray upgrade:
  • Crystal-Clear Images: Bid farewell to guesswork and make confident diagnoses with unparalleled detail. 

  • Patient Comfort: The ultra-thin sensor design minimizes discomfort, ensuring happier patients. 

  • Innovation on a Budget: Gain access to groundbreaking technology without breaking the bank. 

  • Built to Endure: This sensor is a champion of durability, tested to withstand over 500,000 exposures.
Embrace the future of dental imaging with Acuity DXPD technology!

Contact us today to unlock a new era of clear diagnoses and enhance the patient experience!

Acuity DXPD technology: Because seeing is believing (and treating). #AcuityDirect #DentalTech #FutureofDentistry

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