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Acuity should be strongly considered for new or replacement sensor purchases.

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New X-Ray Sensor Takes Aim at Market Leaders - Clinicians Report

New Direct X-ray Photon Detection (DXPD) sensor—potentially improving image quality and allowing thinner, more durable construction. The Acuity Intraoral radiography sensor offers distinct advantages that make it competitive with current leading brands.

 Acuity is compatible with many major imaging systems.

The CR conclusion about the Acuity DXPD Sensor: The clinical image quality and competitive price is a significant advantage, and 
should be strongly considered for new or replacement sensor purchases.

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Bring your practice into high definition!

Unlock a new era in dental imaging with the Acuity Direct X-Ray Photon Detection Intraoral Sensor. Our revolutionary technology is designed for dentists to empower their practice towards experiencing the future of dental care by offering clearer diagnoses and enhanced patient care. Experience unparalleled clinical image quality with Direct X-Ray Photon Detection imaging innovation. Acuity's cutting-edge approach in clinical CT ensures a cost-effective solution while making steps forward in technical capability.

Say goodbye to time-consuming exposure enhancements, a couple of quick adjustments will meet your clinical requirements effortlessly. In addition, Acuity offers a full complement of image customization options.

Features & Benefits


Direct Imaging

Unrivaled image quality for confident diagnoses.


Ergonomic Design

Ultra-thin sensor minimizes patient discomfort.


Accessible Innovation

Improved imaging technology at a reduced cost.


Engineered Durability

Designed and tested to withstand over 500,000 exposures.

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Support and replacement plans: AMD Care Acuity $799/year. Carestream Advantage Plan $999/year, Dexis DexCare $1380/year, Jazz extended warranty $1668/year, Schick PTC Service club $1380/year.

*Direct X-Ray Photon Detection (see below), **Based on a spacial resolution, contrast resolution and dynamic range where > or + 7ip/mm and 12 bit is standard: 30% or more increase in image quality = High Resolution, below = Low Resolution***Any sensor under 6mm, ‡Dentimax has additional charges for software licensing ($169-$699 per month), †$499 + $99/month, ††$499 + $99/month, †††$498 + $119/month, ††††$498 + $139/monthCaresteam® is a trademark of Carestream Dental LLC. DentiMax, Dream Sensor, and Open Sensor® are trademarks of DentiMax. Dexis™ is a trademark of Dental Imaging Technologies Corporation. Schick® is a trademark of Patterson Companies. Inc. Jazz Imaging, Minor, and Solo are copyrights of Jazz Imaging, LLC.

Elevate your practice 

Acuity has unrivaled image quality and durability, allowing you to focus more on patient care. The thin profile and optimized imaging surface area of our sensors improve diagnostic efficiency, streamlining your workflow and minimizing guesswork. The enhanced durability that DXPD technology offers protects your investment, offering long-lasting reliability.

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Patients deserve the best

Our thin-profile sensors prioritize patient comfort, making the dental experience less invasive. The crystal-clear images obtained through our technology eliminate unnecessary pain, providing a seamless and efficient path to the most accurate treatment diagnoses.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of our sensor, one of the thinnest in the market, prioritizes patient comfort, offering adult and pediatric sizes with optimized imaging surface area. Acuity reduces patient discomfort and improves diagnostic efficiency. 

Transform your practice, prioritize patient care, and lead with confidence – Experience sharper imaging and precision care with the Acuity Direct X-Ray Photon Detection Intraoral Sensor.

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An accessible leap in technology

Acuity doesn't just offer high-quality images; this technology is more affordable than CMOS sensors. Through our more efficient direct detection technology, we've enhanced both durability and affordability. Acuity combines the speed of CMOS with the clarity of PSP - for less.

The forefront of innovation

Our direct X-ray photon detection technology provides crystal-clear images, eliminating the need for time-consuming exposure enhancements. Experience unparalleled clinical image quality and increased practice efficiency through improved diagnoses and accurate treatments.

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How to Install Acuity Software

Please be aware that transferring Acuity files directly to Dexis may result in image quality degradation. For optimal image quality, we recommend transferring Acuity images directly to your practice management platform.