By Joshua Austin, DDS MAGD - February 7, 2022

Next Step In Curing Lights

Rarely does something new launch that totally shakes up the whole game. I think that's what Monet from AMD Lasers does. The Monet curing light by AMD Lasers is the world’s first laser curing light. It is the first and only product in its class.

You are probably thinking that LEDs work great for dental curing. Why should we start a brand new category? My answer to that would be that LEDs have served dentistry tremendously over the past 20 years. But there is always a technological evolution that did not exist before. A product always has to be first. For laser curing, it is the Monet, and it is pretty great.

First off, a laser is a good choice for curing because it is a consistent, collimated beam of light. That consistent collimation is superior to the dispersion of energy that an LED light exhibits. A laser curing light loses little power when curing at a distance. This is tremendous advantage in situations where we can not get a light directly onto a tooth to cure. LEDs lose power significantly as we back away from the tooth. Not the Monet! When using the Monet, in most restorative situations, the suggested curing time is one second. Let me repeat that. One second.

I know that sounds too good to be true, however one-second curing is the recommended time. We need to be careful to remember that over-curing can cause issues just like undercutting can. One of those issues could be heat generation. Fortunately, AMD has included some attachments to prevent heat problems on deep preparations. Simply snap on one of the included attenuators and you should be good to go. This diffuses some of the heat, but these are only needed when we are near the pulp. No worries about heat in normal situations with one second curing.

In addition, I have noticed that isolation is so much easier when you gut the curing time by such a huge margin! We get better restorations with Monet! That is why I joined the 1-Second Curing Revolution!

Joshua Austin, DDS MAGD

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