The First Handheld Laser Curing Light

the laser advantage


Laser provides consistent energy at any distance. There is consistency across the beam. There are no weak spots from dispersion, nor hot spots.


Monet has the potential to turn virtually any composite into a bulk fill material.

3-second cure
5–8mm depth


The State of The New Art for curing photoinitiated dental materials  

From the beauty and feel of the copper body to the precision of the laser beam,
Monet will not only wow your patients with its looks, it will wow you with its effectiveness.

Designed by a group of the industry’s leading engineers and designers, Monet rests comfortably in your hand and delivers consistent, efficient, reliable laser energy. Hold a piece of the future and experience the state of the new art. Monet Laser Curing Light- an artist’s tool, worthy of your skills.


Product showcase
Product showcase
Product showcase

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This device has not yet been evaluated by the U.S. FDA for safety or effectiveness.

Monet Laser Curing Light
Frequently Asked Questions 

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