Dr. David Rice - June 07 2021

It’s never crowded along the extra mile

When dentists ask me why they should have a laser in their practice, I go to one of my greatest mentors, Wayne Dyer’s words. “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.

”For 27 years our practice has lived that mantra. It’s how we transitioned from the shackles of dental insurance. It’s how you can too. Whether you want to participate with dental insurance or merely accept, your ability to level up the care you deliver and add adjunctive treatment to make that happen will free you. With that, I invite you to keep coming back to this blog as multiple clinicians, share multiple modalities you can thrive with.

For today, let’s talk about the restorative side of how we use lasers all day, every day in my practice, East Amherst Dental Center.

Re-contouring tissue.

This is a biggie. What I discovered two decades ago is often times we can get to a nine out of ten purely with our tooth born materials. In order to achieve that ten out of ten, we must remember the tissue is the frame to our photo perfect teeth. Simple moves like balancing tissue heights or pushing the apex of the tissue mesial or distal on one ore more teeth entirely transforms our results.

Troughing for impressions.

Whether you prefer to physically or digitally impression, retraction is everything. Ideal marginal integrity is foundational to our long-term success. 


Functionally or aesthetically driven, this single procedure will keep your laser working all day long. On the functional side, take a look at every perio patient you have that is close to the end of their attached gingiva anteriorly…especially on the mandible. Ease their lip out facially. What do you see?

Add the esthetic side on every diastema patient you’re trying to close; you’ll see what we’ve seen; and treat what we’ve treated…massive win:win opportunity.

Implant recovery.

Pre-laser, I couldn’t stand seeing these on my schedule. If the implant was buried at surgery…no fun. If there was a healing cap, I knew most times I could look forward to overgrown tissue and…no fun. Over the last two decades with our AMD lasers, easy peezy.

Friends, I hope you’ll join us next week and every week as we dive deep into each of the above procedures, as well as the Perio and Surgical wins. For now, as you ponder the state of the dental union today, remember, there’s a lot more room at the top. “It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”

And if you’d ever like to chat more, you can reach me directly HERE

Till Next Time…Together We Rise

Dr. David Rice, founder igniteDDS

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