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Cavity pHighter Mints for Cavity Prevention

Be a pHighter

Protect your patients' mouth day and night. Cavity pHighter Mints help protect your patients' mouths against acids produced by hard-to-kill bacteria. Oral bacteria multiply and produce acids that dissolve minerals in teeth, making them more porous and susceptible to cavities.

CAO’s cavity prevention mints reduce the chance of developing cavities by effectively decreasing mouth acidity. With a minty-fresh peppermint flavor, Cavity pHighter Mints not only pHight bacteria but freshens breath at the same time. 

How often should my patients eat a Mint?

After Eating: Your patients’ teeth are most vulnerable right after a meal. The bacteria in the mouth feed on the foods just consumed (especially sugars and carbohydrates) and produce acids that dissolve the minerals in teeth, leading to cavities.

When At Risk:  Patients can conveniently test the pH levels in their mouth and assess their cavity risk at any time with Cavity pHighter Test Strips. If the testing strip indicates that the patient is at risk, have them take a mint after every meal or as needed.

Freshen Breath:  No one enjoys bad breath! You can protect your patients’ teeth and sweeten their breath at the same time.

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Quantity: 60 pieces per bottle
Flavor: Peppermint