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Cavity pHighter: Cavity Risk Test Strips

Be a pHighter

Become a cavity pHighter by protecting your patients’ mouths day and night with the first-of-its-kind Cavity pHighter Strips. Oral bacteria produce acid that can cause dental erosion and cavities. The higher the acidity, the higher the risk. Now you can inform your patients of their cavity risk in just a few seconds and take quicker action. They can be a pHighter too!

How does it work?

Cavity pHighter strips measure the pH and buffer capacity in your saliva. Simply wet the pH strip with the patient’s saliva, wait 10 seconds, and measure their color reading against the key on the bottle. The easy-to-use color key will indicate their mouth pH level and associated risk.

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Quantity: 50 strips per bottle
Measures: pH levels
                    Buffer capacity (ppm)