Uncovering an implant with a diode laser is a quick and easy process.  A tissue punch can also be used, but since diode lasers coagulate as they remove tissue, it is much easier to  maintain visibility in the field when there is zero hemorrhage to obscure visualization.

There is an old rumor that lasers can damage implants or that lasers will cause implant failure.  This statement holds as much truth as saying dental handpieces cause pulpal death.  While it is possible to cause pulpal necrosis with a handpiece, the proper usage makes it safe.  The same can be said of lasers.  Lasers do not damage implants nor do they lead to implant failure.

Uncovering an implant with a diode laser is a simple and easy process to perform.  It is just one more way that lasers continue to change the profession for the better.

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