By Dr Robert Levine - September 6, 2021

Benefits of Laser Use in Dentistry

To all of you using electrosurgery “wake up” we have a safer technology to use in support of the treatment of your patients. Lasers of many different wavelengths are available to support a multitude of procedures. Examples: cosmetic gingivectomies, fibroma removal, troughing for C&B procedures and as well as simple operative restorations, uncovering of Implants, removal of benign lesions (Leukoplakic, Lican Planis), hard tissue removal and support of periodontal therapies.

With virtual technologies being used on regular basis, clean dry tissue is a must in order give your lab an accurate representation of your prep. 

Costs can vary according to the type of laser that u get. Again, it is essential to understand laser science in order to purchase the correct laser for your individual practice.

Lasers are perfectly safe for those patients having pacemakers. Electrosurgery cannot be used!!!

When used correctly overheating of both hard and soft tissues (causing undo collateral damage) will be a rare occurrence.

So get on the bandwagon and get a laser. It will change your practice of dentistry forever

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Dr Robert Levine, DDS

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