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Sheer White! In-Office

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Product Details

The world’s first in-office whitening strip! Two-pack includes strips for the upper and lower arches. With no retraction or soft-tissue isolation necessary, Sheer White! In-Office is the easiest 1-minute professional teeth whitening solution.

Utilizing the next-generation SheerFilm technology, our flexible whitening strips provide comfort fit technology that easily conforms to the teeth, holding the potent formula to the enamel without leakage. It takes only 1-minute for the dental professional to apply, after which patients may leave the office to complete their 30 minute wear time. No isolation or lengthy chair-time required. An excellent in-office whitening experience that can easily be added to the end of an appointment! Results may be up to 3-shades whiter in a single application.

Patient Kit

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 6 in

2-pack includes one in-office box with 4 strips per box.


Value Kit

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 6 in

6-pack includes 1 in-office box with 12 strips/trays.


Increase Your Oral Health Preventive Care w/ Sheer White!

Sheer White! In-Office Tooth Whitening Strips deliver 20% hydrogen peroxide* ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. The CDC describes hydrogen peroxide as a "stable and effective" disinfectant. Learn more

*There is no clinical evidence at present that demonstrates Sheer White! Take-Home may achieve any antimicrobial effects.

Sheer White! In-Office is available in a 2 patient intro kit and a 6 patient value kit; including strips for the upper and lower arches. Continue the whitening experience with Sheer White! Take-Home kit for up to 8 shades whiter when used after in-office treatment.

With no retraction or soft-tissue isolation necessary, Sheer White! In-Office is the easiest 1-minute professional teeth whitening solution!


After dental appointment, apply the Sheer White! In-Office strips to the patient’s upper and lower arches. The patient may then leave the office with instructions to remove the strips 30 minutes from time of placement.

Patient is able to speak naturally, proceed on their daily routine, and even drink cool liquid while wearing the strips. The Comfort Fit technology causes the strips to form to the teeth with a custom fit so to speak, securing the whitening agent effectively and comfortably. Further extend your patient’s whitening experience with Sheer White! take-home for an 8 shades whiter smile!

No more lost chair time, uncomfortable isolation material, or lights needed!



Dental stains can occur from multiple factors, including but not limited to; foods, beverages, medications, genetics, and more. While some stains are only on the surface, others can present internally. Most OTC whitening strips contain whitening agents that only address the surface stains. For best results, it is always recommended to consult your dentist when choosing a teeth whitening product.


There are many different whitening products available, from toothpaste, to mouth rinse, from in home to in office whitening treatments. Each contains a different whitening agent to help whiten your smile.

Sheer White! uses two primary active ingredients depending on which type of treatment you choose. Our in-office strips utilize hydrogen peroxide for quick start results with limited sensitivity. These can be combined with our take-home strips that use carbamide peroxide to offer longer whitening time with limited sensitivity and long lasting results.


For best results, use Sheer White! Take-Home in conjunction with Sheer White! In-Office. Periodic touch-ups may be needed depending on patient, such as; diet, medication, and lifestyle. We recommend waiting 7-10 days after initial 5-day treatment, before deciding if there is need to whiten further. Touch-ups may consist of two to five days of treatment depending on patient.


Sheer White! utilizes patented Sheer Film technology to securely hold the whitening agent against the teeth instead of traveling onto tissue and sensitive nerve endings. Our Take-Home strips with carbamide peroxide offer a slow release, minimalizing the possibility of sensitivity. Our In-Office strips with hydrogen peroxide are formulated to reduce any potential for sensitivity while creating quick whitening results.


Our Customer Care Team is trained to answer any questions you may have and happy to assist you! Please call us toll-free at (877) 236-4408.

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Sheer White! In-Office

Sheer White! In-Office
Patient Kit - $74.95
  • Patient Kit - $74.95
  • Value Kit - $159.95
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