Picasso Clario Hygiene


Picasso Clario Package w/ Multi-Tip Handpiece and Wireless Foot Control

(Currently available only in the US)

The Picasso Clario® was designed specifically for dental hygienists, from its symbolic purple color to its streamlined navigation for relevant treatments. Gingivitis and Perio settings incorporate ADHA-conforming protocols based on pocket depth and diagnosis. Debridement and a Tissue setting for lesion management are also available and adjustable. Clario® features a low cost of ownership and a highly profitable return on investment (ROI).  

"The Clario® brings a new standard to minimally invasive laser-assisted periodontal procedures.  Having an affordable laser with exact pre-sets for the hygienist is exactly what the market called for. The Clario® has revolutionized the dental market” stated Dr. Ron Kaminer, Hewlett, New York.

Feature & Benefits

-1.2 Watts

-Wireless Bluetooth Foot Control

-Color Touch Screen

-Easy to Use Presets

-Built-In Treatment Timers for Periodontal Treatment and Aphthous Ulcer Treatment

-Multiple Languages Menu

-Ideal for First-Time/Expert Laser Dental Assistant and Hygienists

-Offers the Convenience of Disposable Tips & Low-Cost Strippable Fiber




-Hemostasis and coagulation

-Treatment of canker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa

-Sulcular debridement

-Laser removal of diseased, infected, inflamed and necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket

-Removal of highly inflamed edematous tissue affected by bacteria penetration of the pocket lining and junctional epithelium


  • Picasso Clario® Hygiene Laser
  • Wireless Foot Control
  • Universal Power Supply
  • One Transportation Box
  • One Multi-Tip Handpiece
  • Two Pair of Protective Fitover Laser Goggles
  • 2 Year Warranty

Be sure to check with your local and state dental boards for any guidance and regulations on laser use by Hygienists.

User Manual