The Only Extraoral Dental Suction System
That Eliminates Spatter and Aerosols

Reduce aerosols. Reduce noise. 

Protect you and your staff from dental procedure aerosol particles, infectious diseases, and spatter with the Aegis Aerosol VacStation. Featuring cutting-edge technology that makes it capable of air purification in addition to extraoral aerosol reduction. Unlike most aerosol vacuums and purifiers, it creates less noise than traditional units.

What’s more, independent research demonstrated that the VacStation can eliminate the following while using a high-speed handpiece:

  • 100% splatter on practitioners
  • 99.8% aerosol reduction
    (>2.5µm particle size)
  • 97% aerosol reduction
    (0.3µm-2.4µm particle size)


  • Reduces aerosols & 99.97% of airborne particulates & pathogens

  • Acts as both air purifier and aerosol vacuum

  • Three-stage filter design: High fiber, Fiberglass, and Active Carbon filters

  • Easy-to-manuever flexible tube

  • Low noise level at maximum suction (62dB)

  • Protective transparent cover with non-restricting view

  • LED UVC light sterilization of pathogens that are not filtered

  • High volume suction (3.5m³ per minute)

  • Circulates air in a standard 8' x 8' room every 5 minutes (12 times per hour)

  • Easy installation & chair-side set-up

Exclusive Aegis Large Cup Headpiece

Captures Maximum Area of Spatter and Aerosol Ejection Pattern

Independent research study by Medical University of South Carolina July 2020

Face shield splatter recorded while using indicated units

Average aerosols recorded while using indicated units

What Dentists Are Saying

John Flucke


"Overall our experience has been tremendously positive. Staff and patients have both been complimentary of the VacStation. I would encourage my peers to definitely explore this option as part of your infection control protocol. The Aegis VacStation is *highly recommended*!"

Michael Sinkin


"In my opinion, extraoral suction systems are must-have pieces of equipment for every dental office."

Stan Presley


"After using these for my office, I love them!"


Unboxing Your VacStation System

Assembling Your VacStation Unit

Testing Your VacStation Suction

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Accessories Included

٠ Aerosol Suction Unit
٠ Set of 3 Unit Filters (pre-installed)
٠ 5 Additional Primary Cotton Filters
٠ Power Cord (configured for 110 VAC outlet)
٠ User Manual


Model: 005-00045
Duct: Φ 75mm × 1500mm
Weight: 14.2kg ±10%
Power: 250W Max
Filter Efficiency (0.3µm): 99.97%
Volume (Filter included): 200m³/h

Reduces the level of Influenza A strain H1N1**

**Independent laboratory testing has shown this device is capable of reducing the level of H1N1 by 99.99% (log4) from 1 cubic meter (35 cubic feet) of air after 2 hours. Results may vary depending on the size of the room or space that is treated, the device settings, and other environmental factors.

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