Manage infection control in your office with ZaPro Surface Cleaner, a new approach to professional and medical surface decontamination. Zapro removes built-up grime and cleans high-contact surfaces with its powerful alcohol solution. ZaPro is soap and detergent-free and evaporates upon application leaving virtually no residue behind.

Infection control in the dental practice is as important now as it has ever been. It has always been vital in the medical and dental practice, but in a post-pandemic world, patients are now fully aware. 

Lead the charge for your team in keeping up on hygiene, it’s to your advantage to let your patients see how important this is to your practice. 

The cleaning process takes time away from patient care, so efficient products help get patients back in their chairs faster. Most cleaners in the industry need 3 to 5 minutes to effectively kill viruses in the presence of fresh, whole human blood. An independent study by Clinicians Report recently found that ZaPro Surface Cleaner has the best contact-to-kill time they’ve ever seen. In just 1 minute ZaPro does the job and gets your patients back into a clean and safe chair faster. 

Your new cleaner is waiting, to speed up your infection control process.

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