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Also use this troubleshooting guide for your Odessey 2.4G

Problems with Your Unit Display

  • There is no display in the window but the fan IS running:
  • Check to see if the RED “Emergency Stop” button is on. Press it down and then TWIST the RED portion of the button to pop it into the UP position (allow at least 10 seconds for the display to respond).
  • Check to ensure that the cartridge lock is installed properly. You may have to press the safety switch tab as shown in the photo (allow for at least 5 seconds for the display to respond).
  • There is no display in the window and the fan is NOT running:
  • Check that the power switch in the back of unit is pressed so the “|” is DOWN.
  • Check that the power cord is plugged into a non-switched outlet and is working (you can plug something else into the outlet to confirm it is working).
  • If all this is true and the unit is still not working properly after following the above steps, the unit will need to come in for service.

Problems with Your Aiming Beam and Cutting

  • Your aiming beam is not working: 
  • Make sure that the is fiber is extended and that the unit is in “Ready” mode.
  • Make sure that the aiming beam intensity graph is at the top of the scale (use the aiming beam button to adjust). If you still cannot see an aiming beam continue to the next point.
  • Ensure that the foot pedal is in a secure location and cannot be accidentally depressed.
  • Extend the fiber until you see the white sleeve that denotes the end of the fiber in the cartridge. 
  • WARNING: The fiber cable is very strong but it will not respond well to being stepped on, stuck on things, or rolled over by your chair. Take EXTREME caution at this point to ensure that the fiber is safe and will not be damaged. 
  • Inspect the Fiber and look for any “RED” spots (see photo). If you see anything similar to what is shown in the photo, you will need to cut the fiber BEFORE the red spot about an inch away. Small cracks and reflections in the fiber are normal. Look for breaks; the fiber will bend at a sharp angle and have a bright red dot (see photo). 
  • After cutting the fiber, make sure you still have at least 6 feet of fiber (less than that makes using the unit almost impossible). If you have less than 6 feet of fiber, you will need to replace the fiber cartridge or send the cartridge in to be respooled. If there is more than 6 feed, retract it back into the unit and retest. 
  • TIP: The fiber will create static electricity on the floor and attract dust and dirt. Use a disinfecting or alcohol wipe and clean the fiber as it’s being pulled back into the cartridge. Hold the fibers between your finger about 24 inches from the fiber strain relief to allow the cleaning liquid to evaporate. If not, the cartridge will slip and not be able to pull the fiber back in. This is important - dirt and grime can make your cartridge not work as efficiently (see photo).
  • If no breaks were found, the unit will need to come in for diagnostics and service.
  • Your aiming beam works but will not cut: 
  • Place the unit in “Ready” mode and ensure that the fiber is extended and pointing in a safe direction. 
  • Press and hold down the foot pedal switch. Look for the Laser ON Indicator and make sure that it stays on while holding the foot pedal switch down. If it is blinking on and off, move to the “Foot Pedal is Not Responding Section III.”
  • If the Laser ON indicator is on solid and does not blink ON-and-OFF , then there is nothing that can be done in the field for this issue and the unit must be returned for factory service. 

Your Unit’s Foot Pedal is Not Working Properly or Responding

  • Under the foot pedal flapper on the left side of the foot switch there is an LED light. Ensure the unit is NOT in “Ready” mode or turned OFF. Press the foot switch with your hand and check to see that there is a flashing GREEN light for 30 seconds. If there is no flashing light or the light is on solid GREEN or flashing RED, replace the foot pedal battery with a brand new 9V battery. 
  • After replacing the 9V battery, repeat the foot pedal test and retest the unit. If the unit is still not functioning, the unit will need to be returned for service. If the LED is flashing GREEN for 30 seconds, continue to the next point.
  • The foot pedal is designed to turn off when the battery is insufficient to provide reliable communication with the laser unit. Using a NEW battery is essential.
  • The connector on the battery is designed to be a very tight connection. Removing the battery can sometimes be difficult; take care to not damage the connections.
  • Place the unit in “Ready” mode. Ensure that the fiber is extended and that the end of the fiber is secure and in a safe location. Press and hold the foot switch, you should see the “laser on” indicator in the display window . There should be a continuous tone. Hold the pedal for approximately one minute. If there is a continuous tone without interruption and the unit still does not respond as expected, the unit will need to come in for service. 
  • If the tone is NOT continuous, change the foot pedal battery with a BRAND NEW 9V lithium battery. Perform the test again. If the unit is still not emitting a continuous tone, continue to the next point.
  • It is possible you have some local interference in your office/area. Please consult your Owner’s Manual on the procedure to change the channel the foot pedal and base unit use to communicate with each other. By changing the channel you may be able to avoid this interference. Your foot pedal comes programmed to CH1 from the factory. Move the channel to CH8 and work your way down until you find one with no interference.
  • If changing the battery and changing the communication channel do not rectify the problem, your unit will need to come in for service.

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