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Picasso Laser Support

Your Unit Has No Power or the Display is Not Working

  • Check that the “Emergency Stop” button is DOWN.
  • Check that the key is in the “1” position.
  • Check that the BLACK power switch has the “1” toggled DOWN.
  • Ensure that there is an indicator light glowing on the power supply.
  • If there is no light, make sure that the AC cord is plugged in to the brick and into a working unswitched wall outlet.
  • If all of these are true, the Picasso will need to be returned for factory service.

Your Unit is Not Cutting or Articulating a Tip

  • In “Settings,” ensure that the aiming beam is turned ON.
  • Put unit in “Ready” mode.
  • Hold the MTHP in a safe direction and press and hold the foot switch under the orange safety flapper.
  • If the “Ready” button does NOT turn RED, or it turns RED for a few seconds and returns to the GREEN “Ready” icon, refer to Section 'Your Unit’s Foot Pedal is Not Working Properly or Responding"
  • Release the foot pedal and remove the disposable tip if one is on the MTHP.
  • Point the MTHP straight down at a white piece of paper.
  • Is there a RED aiming beam? If NOT, refer to the next Section "Your Unit Has No Red Aiming Beam".
  • Install a new MTHP Disposable Tip. Make sure that there is a smooth transition between the plastic of the tip and the silver metal handpiece. If there is ANY gap, contact Customer Service for further troubleshooting.
  • If the pedal is activating the laser and there is an even, bright RED aiming beam; your tips are fully seated, there is NO gap (as explained in above), and your laser will still not activate a tip, your unit will need to be returned for factory service.

Your Unit Has No Red Aiming Beam

  • In “Settings” make sure that the aiming beam is turned ON.
  • At the MTHP connector below the screen, slide the rubber strain relief (cover boot) up the cable – away from the unit – to expose the fiber cable connector.
  • Is the fiber cable still attached to the laser unit? If it is not, STOP. Your fiber cable has been damaged and will need to be replaced. Contact Customer Service to purchase a replacement or send in for factory service.
  • Disconnect the MTHP fiber from the laser unit by turning the exposed nut counterclockwise.
  • The unit will show a “Check Optical Fiber Connection” error at this point. This is normal. If it does not show this error with the fiber cable disconnected from the unit, your unit will need to come in for factory service.
  • Look at the aperture port where you just unscrewed the MTHP fiber cable from, but DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY INTO THE PORT. Using the “Emergency Stop” button, turn the unit ON-and-OFF several times in a row very quickly (do not wait for the screen to come on; just press the “Emergency Stop” button in rapid succession). 
  • If you see a RED aiming beam flash in the aperture, your MTHP fiber cable is bad. Contact Customer Service to purchase a replacement or send it in for factory service
  • If you do NOT see a RED aiming beam, your unit will need to be returned for factory service.

Your Unit’s Foot Pedal is Not Working Properly or Responding

  • Turn off the Picasso to ensure that it does not accidentally fire the laser.
  • Holding the foot pedal in your hand, press and HOLD DOWN the foot switch UNDER the orange safety flapper and watch for a flashing GREEN light. 
  • While pressing the pedal down for 10 seconds, if the LED flashes green over that 10 seconds, then a problem exists that's not related to the foot pedal and your unit will need to be returned for factory service.
  • If the LED is: solid GREEN, flashing RED and GREEN, flashing RED, or not flashing any color at all. The battery in the foot pedal is depleted: remove the four screws on the bottom of the unit and you will find a standard size 9V alkaline battery. Replace the battery with a BRAND NEW battery.
  • The foot pedal is designed to turn off when the battery is insufficient in order to ensure the integrity of the communication with the laser unit.
  • Note: The connector on the battery is designed to be a very tight connection. Removing the battery can sometimes be difficult; take care to not damage the connections.
  • After replacing the battery in the foot pedal, confirm that the foot pedal is flashing GREEN while pushing down the foot switch (as in Step 2a).
  • If the pedal is NOT flashing Green, the unit will need to come in for factory service
  • Turn on the laser unit and perform Section II – Steps 1, 2 and 3 again.
  • If the unit is still not functioning, please contact Customer Service to send the unit in for factory service.

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