All Tissue Dental Laser

Indications of use

  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Implantology
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Features and Benefits

  • All Tissue Laser
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    LiteTouch All Tissue Laser


    • Exceptional Visibility: Non-contact work
    • Microsurgery: Precise & selective ablation of carious lesions; avoids unnecessary ablation of healthy tissues; enables class 2, 3, and 4 restorations without damage to surrounding teeth
    • No vibration: No micro cracks. Etched surface, for better composite adhesion
    • Bactericidal effect: Due to thermal characteristics of laser energy
    • LiteTouch™'s unique versatility & special accessories allow access to any oral area
    • Desensitization of sensitive teeth and root exposure
    • Restorative treatment can frequently be performed without anesthesia, perfect for pediatric and phobic patients


    • Ergonomic & comfortable for transmucosal implantation
    • Increased bone-implant contact rate: Laser encourages bone growth factors
    • Precise & minimally invasive: The target tissue is disinfected without injuring the bone
    • Low impact on implants: Second stage surgery without harming implants
    • The most effective treatment modality for peri-implantitis and implant decontamination
    • Biostimulation for better bone and soft tissue healing
    • Safe when working around implants and other intraoral metals. Ideal for implant uncover and soft tissue modification


    • Minimally invasive opening preparation: No thermal damage or microcracks
    • Bactericidal efficiency: Removes smear layer and cleans root canals; Venturi effect even results in clean dentinal tubules
    • Apicoectomy: Performed with unique accessories
    • Sterilizes the canal system and improves Endodontic irritants killing both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria


    • Effective and unrivaled pocket debridement: Bactericidal effect (disinfection)
    • Excellent surgical precision: Precise & selective granulation tissue ablation avoiding unnecessary damage of healthy tissues
    • Effective and selective calculus removal
    • Faster healing of surrounding tissue and bone: Minimal postoperative swelling and discomfort, leading to fewer follow-up visits


    • The preferred method for treating children: No fear factor; shorter procedures; less noise; no vibrations
    • Preventive Dentistry: Precise and delicate treatments; minimally invasive; enables microsurgery (pits and fissures) that preserves healthy tissue
    • Friendly equipment: Well-accepted by kids
    • Ideal for hard or soft tissue crown lengthening either open field or closed through the sulcus
    • Improves treatment of periodontal disease by sterilization of the pocket, granulation removal and stimulation of the crestal bone


    • Precise manipulation: Gingival re-contouring, smile design & depigmentation of natural melanin deposits
    • Excellent for debonding porcelain veneers: Allows dentists to reuse veneer while maximally preserving tooth substance
    • Anesthetic free treatment makes patient management easier on staff, doctor and patient

    LiteTouch All Tissue Dental Laser in different colors

    Features and Benefits

    LiteTouch All Tissue Laser

    LiteTouch handpiece
    • 8.4 Watts
    • Color Touch Screen
    • All Tissue Laser
    • Smallest Lightest and most affordable all-tissue laser
    • Complete Comprehensive Training
    all tissue dental laser's benefits
    • Perfect for cavity preparations, osseous surgery, periodontal treatment, endodontic procedures, implant recovery, peri-implantitis, and soft tissue surgery
    • Custom Marketing Package
    • Complete Accessory Package
    • Easy learning curve for new laser practitioners
    • Advanced features for seasoned laser practitioners


    • One starter kit of surgery tips
    • 2 Autoclavable hand-pieces
    • Three pairs of protective eye wear
    • 1 day training at a Master Training Facility
    • 1 day in-office training
    • Installation
    • 2 year warranty
    • Customized press release
    • Patient brochures

    • options:

    • Extended warranty
    • Assorted tips
    • Straight hand-piece

    LiteTouch surgery tips


    LiteTouch straight handpiece

    Straight Handpiece

    Additional Handpieces

    The Straight Hand Piece is different in its structure from the curved hand piece, as it doesn't have the output mirror, thus the laser beam is conveyed directly to the sapphire tip. For this reason, the output energy of the Straight Hand Piece is slightly higher. It is possible to use the entire tips variety when using the Straight Hand Piece. The Straight Hand Piece can be easily sterilized, as there is no need to open it prior to autoclaving.

    Rinsing Handpiece

    Additional Handpieces

    Introducing the new gentle rinsing handpiece, which provides a continuous stream of water for rinsing the treatment area instead of the conventional spray. When used in conjunction with the gentle treatment package, it allows for clean, precise and delicate work on the target tissue. The rinsing handpiece can be sterilized using a standard autoclave process at 135°C (the folding mirror must be removed before performing the autoclave process).

    Special Tips

    Additional Tips

    Custom shaped and designed for various procedures, providing fine cutting and minimal loss of energy.

    Colored panels

    Make your pick:

    Blue | Purple | Orange | Green
    White is default color

    Table of Special Tips

    Image Basic information Details
    LiteTouch katana tip Blade Tips / AS0164(x)
    Pack of 5
    Custom-shaped tip, designed for very fine and continuous cutting of soft tissue, with minimal tearing around the cut – just like a finely forged Japanese sword.
    The distal end of the tip, as well as its body, are honed to very precise edges, allowing continuous fine cutting along the line of movement of the tip, with minimal damage to surrounding tissues, and no perforation effect.
    The Blade tip is recommended for cutting procedures in soft tissue, especially when longer and finer cuts are required.
    Implant tip Implant Tips / AS7450(x) / 1.3x19mm, black O-ring
    Pack of 5
    Cylindrical tip, designed to allow the dentists to easily recognize working depth and better prepare the required implant specifications. The alternating steel bands and gaps are depth indicators (1mm each). Recommended for any type of restoration or drilling for implants.
    Sidefire tip Sidefire Tips / AS7631(x) / Green, O-ring
    Pack of 5
    Custom-shaped tip, designed to deliver laser pulses at a 90° angle to the direction of the tip, to ease work in locations that require side access. The direction maker on the side of the tip indicates the direction of the emitted laser pulses. Recommended for class restorations of side molars in both upper and lower jaw.
    Chisel tip Chisel Tips / AS7197(x) / Green, O-ring
    Pack of 5
    Custom-shaped tip, designed for very fine cutting, and scaling of hard tissue. The distal end of the tip is honed to a sharp edge. Recommended for any cutting or scaling procedure, including removal of calculus.
    Chisel tip Magnum Tips / AS7564(x) / Green, O-ring
    Pack of 5
    Very short tip designed for minimal loss of energy. Allows very fast working on the tooth surface. Recommended for drilling in occlusal enamel