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AMD LASERS' award-winning Picasso laser technology voted Number 1

Congratulations! You have arrived at AMD LASERS, the home of the revolutionary Picasso line of dental lasers! Award winning and endorsed by clinicians around the globe, they combine ease-of-use, sleek design and affordability.


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  • Ross Nash about Picasso dental laser "I think every dentist should have a diode laser. AMD has made it affordable for all. Picasso is even more impressive for its remarkably low price."
    Ross Nash, D.D.S.
    Nash Institute
  • George Freedman about Picasso dental laser "The revolutionary Picasso soft tissue dental laser is very easy to incorporate into every practice, easy to use, and extends the practices´ range of services. Finally, laser dentistry at an affordable cost!"
    George Freedman, D.D.S.
    International Lecturer, Canada
  • dunn "SUPERIOR LASER!"
    Howard S. Glazer, D.D.S., F.A.A.C.D.
    International Lecturer, New Jersey
  • dunn "You could pay more, but you won't get more. This should be your new laser."
    David S. Hornbrook, D.D.S., F.A.A.C.D.
    International Lecturer, La Mesa, CA