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    dentistry in general
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    Special offer

    We are thrilled to be connected with your group and wanted to provide this very limited CLOSED offer that is only available for your Facebook group!  
    We wanted to offer our latest product at the pre-launch pricing for our friends at Dentistry In General. 
    The Monet curing laser will be a great addition to your practice, with the collimated beam of laser light, you can cure virtually any composite up to a depth of 8mm with confidence.
    **Offer only good for USA and Canada 

    Why The Monet?

    From the creator of the LED light curing system, comes the 1st FDA cleared collimated curing laser. The Monet curing laser is first in it's class and is changing the way people perform dentistry. 

    The Monet curing laser is more than 40% more efficient at curing virtually any brand of composite filler than the LED alternative... In only 3-seconds.

    The Monet is versatile enough to help with endodontist, orthodontists, oral surgeons, general dental practice and more. Have more confidence in every cure and reduce the time that every patient is exposed to problematic bacteria. 

    Reduce the amount of your patient's post-procedure discomfort by curing only the composite material and not spilling blue light on the sensitive soft tissues of the mouth. 

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    and get Monet laser curing in your office.


    Lasers and Tips on Sale

    Special Offer: DigMonet

    This is a closed, private offer that is only for your Facebook group. For the next two weeks until April 21st, 2021 we are offering the following bundle offer that NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER HAD.

    $1000 off the price of your
    new Monet curing laser

    Free Executive Warranty – 5 years, no questions asked warranty ($495 value must add to cart to redeem)

    30 -Day, No Hassle, Money Back Guarantee

    3 Pairs of laser safety glasses ($627 value)

    Picasso Clario


    $2,999   $1,999

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    ***Use promo code DigMonet upon checkout for you discount***

    OFFER EXPIRES 4/21/2021