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The Monet curing laser is easy and convenient to use. It provides coherent and consistent beam intensity, helping it provide efficient curing in as little as 1 second. 

$500 OFF



Picasso Clario - Neon Logo

The Picasso Clario diode laser was designed specifically for dental hygienists. It brings a new standard to minimally invasive laser-assisted periodontal procedures and is our most affordable laser with exact pre-sets for the hygienist.

50% OFF



Picasso Lite+ - Neon Logo

The Picasso Lite+ diode laser is the most celebrated, endorsed, and awarded laser in the dental industry. Its ease of use and affordable price point make it the perfect solution for treating soft tissue.

50% OFF



Picasso+ Neon Logo

The Picasso+ diode laser offers the complete solution for dentists looking for power, control, and flexibility when integrating laser technology into their dental practice.

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