Aegis Aerosol VacStation


Shipment update - 5/15/2020: Units In Transit 

Our Aegis Aerosol VacStation delivery guarantee. Your current/future order will be shipped before/by June 10th. If for any reason this is not achieved you will receive an automatic 20% discount from your VacStation order.

Due to high demand for this product order fulfilment is scheduled as soon as May 22 2020.

This multi-filtration unit removes up to 99.97% of all airborne particulates and pathogens (down to 0.3µm size), decreasing the potential spread of infections and diseases. This product meets U.S. HEPA filtration requirementsUnit is ideal for standard room air purification.

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  • Removes airborne particulates and pathogens

    Provides up to 99.97% filtration at a 0.3µm particle size
    Three-stage filtration system 

See Filter Test Report


    Suction Unit
    Set of 3 Unit Filters (pre-installed)
    5 Additional Primary Cotton Filters
    Power Cord (configured for 110 VAC outlet)
    User Manual



    Model: 005-00045

    Duct: Φ75mm×1500 mm

    Weight: 14.2kg±10%

    Power: 250W Max

    Filter Efficiency (0.3µm): 99.97%

    Volume (Filter included): 200m3/h

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