Jim Dunn, DDS about Picasso dental laser

"...tons of power and is surprisingly affordable..."

Jim Dunn, D.D.S.

Loma Linda University


Dr. Jump about Picasso dental laser

"...best performance, price and warranty..."

Benjamin Jump, D.D.S.

'Diode Laser Soft-Tissue Surgery for General Dentists', Volumes 1-3, by P. Hudson, DDS

"Diode Laser Soft Tissue Surgery Digital Guide"

Dr. Hudson is a 30-year veteran of laser dentistry and has meticulously built three volumes of procedures comprising specific settings and guidelines for completing over 100 different soft tissue procedures using a diode laser. This interactive guide allows for quick searching and printing of your favorite procedures. Each procedure in this manual provides the following information:

  • A description of the treatment
  • Indications for treatment
  • Operating protocol, with settings
  • What to know about each procedure type (tissue interaction, etc.)
  • Detailed step by step photography, with specific instructions for each step
  • Tips for billing completing insurance forms

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Bendable Disposable Tips

Bendable Disposable Tips

Available in 300µm, 400µm allowing you more control and flexibility during treatment.

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Picasso & Picasso Lite

Comparison: Picasso and Picasso Lite
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Choosing the best laser for your practice requires analyzing the types of procedures you are performing.
The Picasso is the original or "flagship" in the Picasso line of AMD LASERS products, and is a soft-tissue diode laser represented by a breakthrough in price and technology.
Designed for the first-time laser dentist and hygienist, the Picasso Lite´s ultra-affordable pricepoint and ease-of-use has earned it recognition as the world´s most popular dental laser.


  • Ross Nash about Picasso dental laser "I think every dentist should have a diode laser. AMD has made it affordable for all. Picasso is even more impressive for its remarkably low price."
    Ross Nash, D.D.S.
    Nash Institute
  • George Freedman about Picasso dental laser "The revolutionary Picasso soft tissue dental laser is very easy to incorporate into every practice, easy to use, and extends the practices´ range of services. Finally, laser dentistry at an affordable cost!"
    George Freedman, D.D.S.
    International Lecturer, Canada
  • dunn "SUPERIOR LASER!"
    Howard S. Glazer, D.D.S., F.A.A.C.D.
    International Lecturer, New Jersey
  • dunn "You could pay more, but you won't get more. This should be your new laser."
    David S. Hornbrook, D.D.S., F.A.A.C.D.
    International Lecturer, La Mesa, CA